Saturday, July 7, 2012

Record Heat for Independence Day Concert in Laurel

The brutal heat wave was the talk of the day as Oracle took to the stage at Laurel Lakes for the 2012 City of Laurel Independence Day celebration. 

 While the vast majority of folks waited until the sun had dipped a bit lower in the sky and the heat had dropped from it's high of 105 degrees to a balmy 99, a core group of die hard Oracle fans and a handful of sun worshipers, along with a few folks from Texas, Arizona, and Kansas who didn't think the heat was much to talk about. came out as we kicked off our fifth consecutive year at Laurel promptly at 5:15.

 Amazingly enough, crowd estimates at the conclusion of the concert were nearing 50,000 people...not exactly what you would call a small group to perform for!!!  Hey...any time you get an opportunity to perform for this many people you jump at the chance!

Even more amazing was the fact that there was not one person treated for dehydration, heat exhaustion, or any other heat related maladies.  Folks KNEW it was hot, and came prepared with cover, plenty of water, and the right attitude!

As always, the kids were the highlight of the day, hanging out at the edge of the stage throughout the day, singing along to the songs they knew, and watching mesmerized to the songs they didn't.

Here's a slideshow containing all the photos we processed from the day's events.  We hope you enjoy!

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