Saturday, August 31, 2013

Oracle Band visits IBEW summer picnic 2013

Our return to Camp Letts down in Edgewater Md was threatening to become a washout as the weather threatened and raindrops were falling the entire trip out to set up.

This is the annual picnic for the folks with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 26.

This years event (this was our third performance here) brought us a new stage location and the addition of a dance floor.  The addition of the dance floor was especially welcome as past years had lots of people wanting to dance but having a bit of a difficult time of it in the grass and dirt.

Fortunately our excellent relationship with Mother Nature once again proved to be a blessing and the skies, although remaining cloudy, did not open up on us and waited until we were about to break down before starting to dribble on us!

The cloudy skies were also a blessing in that they kept the temperature down...something of a blessing for an outdoor event in August in the DC area!!!

Anyway, we had a blast, the crowd was overwhelming in it's approval, and the dance floor got a good workout.  (Who says you can't get people to dance in the afternoon at an outdoor event???)

Enjoy the photos!

Oracle Band - The Final Whispers Performance - July 2013

It was the end of a mini-era.  Our "home away from home", our home base, the place that we could virtually guarantee a sellout no matter what the weather and what the of our most favorite places to play ever...Whispers Restaurant is now closed forever.

After 83 performances, starting with the first back in 2005 when they hadn't even been permitted to install a dance floor, Oracle has been packing the house at Whispers.

Little did we know that this would be our final performance.  If we had known we could have given her a proper sendoff, but as it is, we will only have our memories of this wonderful club that brought folks of ALL ages together on the dance floor to have a great time.

So, we hope you enjoy these photos from our final performance at Whispers.  We wish everyone there the very best, and we'll be looking for new venues to perfrom in to help fill the void, but nothing will ever replace WHISPERS!!!