Sunday, April 28, 2013

Photos from Oracle Band April 2013 Whispers Performance

Spring has finally arrived!   The trees are budding, (much to the displeasure of those with allergies), but at least the threat of snow is a thing of the past and the temperatures are at last short-sleeve / flip flop comfortable!

As we headed into our usual last-Friday-of-the-month performance at Whispers Restaurant and Lounge in Glen Burnie Maryland the big our biggest celebration was for that of Oracle Band guitarist and birthday boy Mike Herrera, freshly returned from an overseas trip and sporting a sunburn that didn't sit too well with strapping on a guitar!  Nevertheless, the evening came off without a hitch with the exception of some minor discomfort, eased by the presence of good friends, well wishes, and of course some decadent birthday sweets!!!

Naturally we got lots of other photos from the evening, and we thought we share them with you here.

Our next performance at Whispers will be on Friday, May 31st.