Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Philippine Relief Benefit Dance @ Blob's Park

The Date - Friday, November 29, 2013

Hours - 8:00 to 12:00 (Doors open at 6:30)

Location - Blob's Park Bavarian Beer Garden
8024 Max Blobs Park Road
Jessup, Maryland 20794

Admission - $15

50-50 Drawing
Basket of Cheer
Raffle Drawings
Great Dance Music

As you are aware Typhoon Haiyan (or "Yolanda" as it was called over there), recently decimated the central Philippines, wiping out entire towns, killing thousands, and leaving tens of thousands homeless.

After seeing the photos of the devastation we knew immediately that we wanted to do something to help ease the suffering and aid in the relief effort.

We were fortunate to team up with the management at Blob's Park Bavarian Beer Garden and quickly schedule a date we could host a fundraiser.  The proceeds from the door are being donated to the cause, as are the proceeds from the 50-50 drawing, money wheel, and raffles.

We have selected IMPACT Foundation of the Philippines to be the beneficiary of the funds we raise.  When not faced with complete devastation such as this they have been working since 1990 to provide health education, immunizations, health screenings, and nutritional assistance to thousands of people scattered across dozens of islands.

They had the logistics teams in place to help get the needed supplies out to the survivors as quickly as possible, and have the medical resources to help ward off the many diseases that are inherent with flooding, decay, and death.

When we announced our decision as to which organization would be the recipient of our donation, we received the following letter from the current President & CEO of IMPACT Foundation of the Philippines:
Appeal for Typhoon Haiyan
To our dear friends in Maryland

You may have seen how Typhoon Haiyan or Yolanda as we call it here has battered our country in the news. The people are in desperate need of help, they need food, water, and medicine. Many have become what we call totally displaced, meaning they no longer have homes. The situation is urgent so we are all trying to do what we can to help from our end. We are asking for yours as well.

We are a country that is pounded by 20 typhoons a year but recently they became stronger and more frequent. Even if they are used to typhoons the people in that area were caught unaware. They did their part by preparing for this strongest storm in recorded history even as early as three days before moving inland, preparing reserve relief goods and yet the force of nature was greater than they could imagine. In the aftermath of the storm, we know that the destruction was over a very big area across the Visayas composed of scattered smaller islands, big main islands with urbanized areas, almost all 90% destroyed. It is a logistical nightmare. Those who were supposed to help are either missing, dead, displaced or grieving. There is no infrastructure left, no electricity, no water, no hospitals, schools, roads are blocked, debris is everywhere. There was no way out.

IMPACT Foundation of the Philippines was fortunate to receive donations from members of our IMPACT Family all around the world. However the need is so enormous, the sheer number of people who need help is almost beyond our imagination so we have to ask for more people to help out. We are a lean organization, we can make fast decisions based on the situation and we have 20 years of building networks and partnerships, the good will we have earned we use to get things moving faster to reach those not reached by the bigger organizations.

Right now, we are focusing our attention to the tip of Northern Cebu and nearby islands as they were isolated initially from the rest of the world for the first 5 days. They were the site of the 5th landfall. One week into the relief effort they have only received one cycle of food, good for one day and some have not received anything at all. We have direct contact by phone with those tasked to care for these survivors so this we know and they are getting desperate.

So as of today we have pledged for our first effort, 2000 family packs (one pack can feed a family of 5 for 3 days) to the municipalities of Daanbantayan, San Remigio and Medellin and also much needed medicines for their mobile clinics that they conduct daily in the villages. These family packs cost roughly $6 each without cost of transport, and the medicines are good for 500-600 children. It costs $600 for to serve one village or one dollar for each patient for fever, cough and cold medicines. This is our rapid response phase and at the same time we will seeing for ourselves what the survivors really need so we can plan. We cannot go to assess the situation empty handed. We will have many more waves and cycles of giving and many more places to go.

Your dollar will definitely go a long way. The locals in Cebu City are going to match the amount donated from abroad by providing transport, packing of goods, trucking and airfreight. And to think the people still have not recovered from the 7.2 earthquake last October, they still have strong aftershocks every day.

We need help, your help. We know we cannot repay your generosity any time soon but please remember us as we send our gratitude through our fellow Filipinos, our family in the Oracle Band who through their music give you some measure of happiness. We Filipinos say “Mabuhay” to all of you. Some think it means hooray because of the way we say it but it actually means … go and live on!

Dr Marie Christine Perfecto , Impact Foundation of the Philippines


For those that are unable to attend, but who would like to help us achieve our goal of $10,000 in support of the victims of Haiyan, we have made that possible through a charitable link through PayPal.  Every penny collected here will go to the cause...there are no administrative costs at all...we are donating every penny.

In addition to donations, you can also assist us by helping us promote this event. Click on either of these two flyers and you can print them out to display at your office, church, school, or just pass out to your friends.
 Reservations for groups of 10 or more are highly recommended.  Call 410 799-7130 to make your reservation today!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

2013 Oracle Band Halloween Party - The Biggest of them ALL!!!

The 2013 Oracle Band Halloween Party at Blob's Park was without a doubt the biggest Halloween Party we have ever hosted.  Almost 600 people came out to party with us, dressed in some extremely original costumes.  It was REALLY tough judging the costume contest!  (Many thanks to our friend Rick Brand for capturing photos of the contest winners)!!!

Scariest Costume
Funniest Costume
Most Original Costume
Best Couple Costume

In addition to the frenzy brought on by the spirit of Halloween, one enterprising gentleman took advantage of the huge crowd of witnesses to get down on one knee and propose to his girlfriend!  (She said "YES"!)

The Proposal

She said YES!!!

Their Dance

We'd also like to take the opportunity to thank our friend Jordan Kroell for coming out to spin tunes during the break.

If you were there, we hope you're able to find yourself in one of the photos here.  If you weren't able to attend, we hope you enjoy the photos, and maybe we can get you here for NEXT year's party!!!  We also have the photos posted on our FaceBook Page where you can tag yourselves and your friends and post comments about the shots.