Monday, December 7, 2015

New Years 2015-2016 Fast Approaching - Get Tickets NOW!!!

That's's hard to believe that another year is almost ready for the history books!  It seems like yesterday we were singing Auld Lang Syne with you all as the balloons fell, the noisemakers whizzed, and everyone got their first kiss of the new year!

Oracle will be returning to La Fontaine Bleue in Glen Burnie Maryland again this year for another evening of great food, great music, and great people.

It's gonna be the biggest New Years Party in all of Anne Arundel, and we certainly hope that YOU are going to be a part of it!!!  Don't wait to read about it, or just look at the pictures and say "I wish I had gone".  Be there!  Be a PART of the party!  You won't regret it!!!


Check out this all-you-can-eat lineup!!!

  • Maryland Jumbo Lump Crabcakes
  • Large Old Bay Steamed Shrimp
  • Carved Tender Angus Beef
  • Delmarva Rotisserie Chicken
  • Seafood Creole with White Rice
  • Baked White Fish with Lemon Butter Sauce
  • Classic Caesar Salad
  • Fresh Green Bean Nicoise 
  • Roasted Red Bliss Potatoes
  • La Fontaine Bleue's Famous Viennese Display of Desserts with a Large Assortment of Cakes & Mini-Pastries
Then of course there will be the open bar with Top Shelf brands, Premium Beer, Wine, coffee, tea, and sodas to quench any thirst.  Hey...this is the GOOD STUFF!!!

Are you hungry yet?  Wait...there's more!


Once our feast is over we'll be hitting the stage for four solid hours of dancing as we party our way into 2016 and say farewell to 2015.

As we hit the magic Midnight Hour the champagne will flow as everyone will don their party hats and noisemakers to raise a ruckus that will be heard all the way back in Annapolis!

We'll be playing all your favorite dance music, with a variety that will span multiple decades.  From the Andrews Sisters to Lady GaGa, we'll be bringing it all, as we bring multiple generations together on the dance floor to celebrate together.

But wait...we're not done yet!!!


Then, as we hit the 1:00 hour, the folks at La Fontaine Bleue will roll out a Continental Breakfast that will satiate those hunger pangs after an evening of dancing. stops at McDonalds after THIS show!!!  Fritatas made with farm fresh eggs, bacon, fresh-made waffles, coffee, tea, decaf and more!

It gives the band an opportunity to come out to say hi to everyone and socialize for a while.  You folks have supported the band for so many years we sometimes find it tough that we can't come out to spend more time with everyone.


Of course we want everyone to get home safely after a night like this.  There are numerous hotels nearby with door to door shuttle service so you won't have to drive home.  The folks at La Fontaine Bleue will be happy to make recommendations based on your needs, amenities desired, and of course the rates.


As with last year, the basic rule is "dress to impress".  The band will be decked out in our best formalwear, and we recommend a business casual attire at a minimum.  Ladies, we'd like to see you in your stunning best!

Don't the end of the evening, ('s actually a little sooner than that), the shoes will come off, the ties disappear, and the jackets go to the back of the chairs.


Tickets are $90 per person, or $85 if purchased in a table of 10.

Tickets are available at the La Fontaine Bleue tickets office, or online by going to the Eventbrite Ticket Site.  You may also reserve your tickets by phone.

For more information you can always call this number to La Fontaine Bleue:

(410) 760-4115

This party is quite likely to sell out, so we highly recommend calling early to get the best table locations.

Tickets ARE on sale now!!!


La Fontaine Bleue is very easy to get to, and easy to spot as it is a very unique building with a very tall sign out front.

Directions to La Fontaine Bleue

Local: (410) 760-4115
Toll Free: (877) 778-6863


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If you have any questions please feel free to let us know, or call La Fontaine Bleue.

We'll see you there!

Just as a parting wave, please enjoy these photos from last year's party!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

It's that time of year.  Thanksgiving is behind us and many of us are in the thick of holiday shopping, visiting relatives, planning trips, and preparing for the thick of the holiday season.  Hanukkah is upon us and we'd like to send our best wishes to all who celebrate that very special time of year.

Of course Christmas is just a little over two weeks away and the kids and grandkids are sending their letters to Santa, hopefully being on their best behavior to avoid being on the naughty list!

Oracle has a couple of upcoming public performances in addition to the schedule of private performances, where we get to share the spirit of the holidays with all our friends and Oracle "family".  It doesn't matter if you made the naughty list or not!!! 

We hope that you will have an opportunity to make it out to one of these performances.  Stand are the details!

Sidelines Holiday Party

This coming Friday, December 11th Oracle will be appearing at Sidelines Bar and Grill in Glen Burnie Maryland.  This is a really big place, perfect to bring your office friends, or out of town guests, or just get a big group of friends together to celebrate the season.

The band kicks things off at 8:30 and we play up to 12:30.  We definitely recommend calling in reservations for larger groups well in advance.  While there is a lot of space there we're expecting a pretty big crowd.  Of course a lot of people come to just mingle...there's always someone to dance with.

The dance floor is spacious with lots of room to spill over if it gets too crowded.

The food is quite good and we recommend coming early to grab a bite, then hit the dance floor with us for an evening of great music and fun.

Parkers Restaurant Holiday Party

If you find you can't make it to Sidelines, or if you're on the north side of town and prefer a shorter drive, or if (best of all), you can't get enough of the band and want to hit the dance floor with us AGAIN the following week, we'll be appearing at Parker's Restaurant in White Marsh on Saturday, December 19th.

Although we had originally been told that Parker's was ceasing their live entertainment, we're thrilled to let everyone know they received a reprieve and entertainment will continue unabated!

Parkers is an excellent place to dine as well as enjoy live music...their menu is scrumptious! 

While it's not a huge place they still cater to groups, so once again, if you have an office party of just a good group of friends to celebrate with, call 410-335-3663 to make a reservation.  DO NOT DELAY...this show WILL sell out!

Parkers is an early start time.  The band starts at 7:00 and we play up to 11:00.

If the demands of the holidays are such that you CAN'T make it out to one of our performances, we certainly understand.  Regardless of the holiday you may celebrate, or perhaps you may not celebrate any particular day, please accept our best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season, and remember that it is the SPIRIT of the season that counts the most...regardless of faith, heritage, or lineage...we are all part of one great big FAMILY!!!