Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer In The Parks Concert on Friday's gonna be a little warm. case you didn't notice, IT'S SUMMER!!!  It's SUPPOSED to be warm!  That shouldn't stop anyone from coming out. 

Bring your lawn chairs, your beach umbrellas if you want. Slather on the sunscreen & wear a bathing suit if you want.  Sit out a catch two hours of your favorite tunes as we celebrate summer & remember that it wasn't that long ago we were dealing with snow, sleet, & freezing rain, and longing for weather like this!

The place - The beautiful concert pavilion at Granville-Gude Park at Laurel Lakes, located near the intersection of Cherry Lane and US Route 1 in Laurel Maryland.  The pavilion is located just behind Don Pablos restaurant.  Need an address to put in your GPS?  Here's the Don Pablos address:

14600 Laurel Place
Laurel, MD 20707

You can park behind any of the restaurants along the row there & it's just a short walk down to the stage.  in fact, so people just back up to the edge and sit on their tailgates to catch the show!

Don't forget to bring the kids along!  There's plenty of room for them to run around and work off excess energy, & we'll make sure to include them in the performance.  At the end of the show they can come up to the stage, meet the band members & talk to us.  As you can see from this photo from last year's performance, the kids REALLY enjoy themselves!

Yes, we know that most Oracle fans really come to the shows because you like DANCING to our music.  Well, just because it's a concert doesn't mean you can't dance!!!  As you can see from the next photo we don't have any problem getting folks up to dance even if it is outside and the temps are in the 80s!

The music starts at 7:00 and we play up to 9:00 in the evening.  The water in the lake helps keep things a bit cooler, & there's usually a bit of a breeze coming off the lake.

We sure hope you'll be able to come out to spend the evening with us.  The concert is absolutely free, and the parking is plentiful.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Whispers Packed to Capacity on Hottest Day of the Year

What A Night!

It's true.  The hottest day of 2011, with the mercury rising to 106° even BEFORE the humidity was taken into consideration, which brought the "feels like" temperature to around 120°, and in spite of the heat a full house came out to Whispers in Glen Burnie to party the night away with us.

Fortunately the folks at Whispers were prepared with some super sized fans that helped supplement the A/C system which had a difficult time keeping up with this record heat, particularly considering the frequent opening & closing of the doors to the outside patio.

How full was it?  Well, put it this way...there was barely any space left behind the building where we park the vans & trailer because the entire front parking lot was FULL!  That was pretty incredible, because that is one BIG parking lot!

We had a number of birthday celebrants with us for the evening, and we're very happy that they decided to come out to celebrate with us.  Whispers is so great for celebrations like that in that they can accommodate larger groups very easily.

We were also pleased to have a guest dancer join us on stage during one number to entertain everyone with a traditional Hawaiian dance.

As always we got lots of photos from the evening.  Many thanks again to our good freind Barbara who was kind enough to take so many of them for us.  She's getting much better at dancing and shooting the camera at the same time!!!  You can enjoy the slideshow of the photos from the evening by clicking the button below.  You can also see them on our FaceBook Page where you can tag yourselves, your friends, and of course comment on your favorites.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Three New Public Performances At La Fontaine Bleue for Summer / Fall 2011

Oracle is pleased to announce that we have added three new public performances to our calendar for 2011, each of them at La Fontaine Bleue in Glen Burnie Maryland.

Crab Feast!!!

The first of these parties will be on Friday, August 12th, when crab lovers from around the area will converge on La Fontaine Bleue for a Crab Feast and party that folks will not want to miss.  LFB knows how to do crabs right, and believe us when we say that you are in for a treat as the Old Bay and Spice will be applied to the best crabs in the area, steamed to perfection!

If you're one that is not into crabs, don't worry...there's plenty on the all-you-can-eat menu for you as well.  Check out this menu:

  • Steamed Crabs
  • Pit Beef
  • Crab Soup
  • Barbecue Chicken
  • Carolina Pulled Pork
  • Veggies
  • Potato Salad
  • Cole Slaw
Plus beer, wine, and sodas...all included!
Once you're done chowing down on these crustaceans, everyone will hit the dance floor as we party the night away until they kick us out at midnight.

Tickets for this event are on sale now at La Fontaine Bleue, and are $35.  Give them a call at (410) 760-4115 or Toll Free at (877) 778-6863.

Fall Dance

Then on Friday, September 23rd we'll all be together again as we return to LFB for a Fall Dance that will be open to the public. 

The spring dance we did in March was an unqualified success, and many folks were asking if we'd be doing more shows there.  They really loved the food, the ambiance, and of course, the MUSIC!!!

The menu and ticket price have yet to be determined for this event.  As soon as we hear we will of course publish it here.

This will be a wonderful event for anyone celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion to get together with a group of family and friends to celebrate together.  You get a fabulous meal, fun entertainment, and all for a price that is MUCH less than if you were to book a room and the entertainment yourself.

Halloween Party!!!

Wrapping up the new shows, we're pleased to announce that our Halloween party for this year will be held at La Fontaine Bleue!

We found last year that we could have sold even MORE tickets than we did, but once again space limitations and a desire for a really big dance floor necessitated that we limit the number of tickets sold.  This year we won't have any such issues as we have all the room we need and more for what we expect will be the biggest, spookiest, most entertaining, and most talked about Halloween parties in the area!

Details on all of these performances are still being worked out, including the hours and the ticket prices.  As soon as we get this information we'll of course let everyone know.  We wanted to get the information out to you all as soon as possible though, so you can mark your calendars and get ready for some really great parties in the latter half of this year!!!

Independence Day 2011 Concert & Fireworks at Laurel Lakes

Incredible.  That's about all that can be said for a day where the weather was admittedly pretty hot, but when considering the typical Maryland weather in July it was about as perfect as a day can get!

As we celebrated the nation's 235th birthday a crowd of well over 100,000 people was somewhere within listening distance of the band!  The hillside in front of the stage filled rapidly as the concert progressed, until there were people literrally as far as the eye could see.

Down in front of the stage, the area with an obstructed view of the fireworks became the defacto dance floor as hundreds came down to move & sway to the tunes.

Then there were the kids.  There were so many wide eyed, completely mesmerized expressions out there it became difficult at times to focus on any one.  Cute doesn't begin to describe it.  You've really got to see it.

There were lots of special folks in attendance.  Mayor Craig Moe of Laurel...what can we say about this guy?  He's a roll up your sleeves and get the job done kind of guy, comfortable with delegating authority yet on top of the details as they go forward.  We greeted Lt. Governor Anthony Brown on was our second meeting with him.