Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hot Night At Whispers for Veronica's Birthday

To say it was a hot evening would be a gross understatement.

With temperatures consistently in the triple digit range, most of the afternoon, the folks at Whispers Restaurant in Glen Burnie had cranked the AC to the max early on, so that it was still pretty cool at the beginning of the evening.

But then you go and add a full house of people on the dance floor partying hard, the doors opening constantly as even more folks entered, well...the room never had a chance!

Some large fans helped keep the dancers cool, and of course plenty of iced libations didn't hurt any either!

We were celebrating the birthday of the heart and soul of Oracle, our own Veronica.  Her passion for music and performance have taken Oracle from performing for 10 people in a half empty club to performing for packed houses at clubs like Whispers and for thousands at concerts like the upcoming performance at the Laurel Independence Day concert on July 7th.

It's ironic that the storms that so devastated the area Friday night made little impression on the area at Whispers.  Spared the full brunt of the storm, most people there were totally unaware of the devastation being wreaked throughout the region...that is, until we all started to drive home, and found our paths blocked by downed trees and debris all over the roadway. 

The Bay Bridge had been forced to close due to a major truck accident that closed it going both ways, and Steve had to drive through a small field to get home...trees were blocking access to his whole neighborhood.  And while literally millions of people were without power, (and many STILL without power at this writing), the electricity at Whispers never even flickered.

Let's face it, Mother Nature LIKES Oracle Band, and didn't want to spoil Veronica's birthday party!!!

We hope you enjoy the photos from the evening, and we'll be returning to Whispers on the last Friday of each month for the rest of the year. 

See you on the dance floor!!!

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