Sunday, May 20, 2012

Congratulations to Christina & Robert!!!

On Saturday at the Omni-Shoreham hotel in Washington DC the band was delighted to be a part of Christina and Robert's wedding day celebration.

Built in 1933 the Omni-Shoreham has a rich history starting with the inaugural ball of Franklin Roosevelt and every president since.  Even more intriguing is that the hotel has it's very own ghost, residing in a room appropriately named the "Ghost Suite"!

But enough about the's Christina & Robert's WEDDING we really wanted to talk about.  We knew we were in for a treat when during dinner the Chinese Youth Club Lion Dance team entered the room to entertain for about 20 minutes during dinner.  Featuring 2 lions and a "Buddha" lion tamer, and accompanied by several percussionists, it was truly a unique experience for a wedding!

This was one of the latest wedding receptions we have played in many years, lasting until 1:00 in the morning.  Heck, we didn't start the dance music until almost 11:00.  So you can understand that it was with awe that we saw the dance floor still jammed even as the last strains of "Don't Stop Believin"" served as a sendoff song for our newlywed couple.

Finally, kudos go out to Aubrey and the folks at Simply Created Events in Baltimore.  They served as "Day Of" coordinator, and it was a pleasure to work with her.  We would recommend her highly to anyone looking to remove some of the stress of managing the details of their wedding day.

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