Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fantastic Night @ American Legion Morrell Park

The room was packed, the dance floor was rockin', and the crabcakes were SUPERB!  It all made for a perfect evening as Oracle Band performed at American Legion Post 137 Morrell Park in Baltimore on Friday.

This was our first performance for the folks at Post 137.  We had been told it was small.  When we got there, reality told us it was actually smaller than "small"!!!

Not that this was to stop us from bringing a kickin' show in for the folks.  They were raising funds for the Post, and although somewhat smaller they certainly deserved the best we could bring.  The stage was pretty small...ordinarily it would be just large enough for our drummer.  We got creative, and with a few chocks of wood, some originality on where to put things, and of course spreading out onto the floor to one side of the stage itself, we made room for everyone.

By the time the last notes of "Proud To Be An American" echoed to a silence that marked the end of the evening, the room was still full of people, and the dance floor was still going strong.  Our thanks to the folks with the Legion for inviting us, and we hope that you all invite us back real soon.  Remember that it's not the quantity of the crowd, it's the quality, and you won't find better people anywhere than in our veterans!!!

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