Sunday, March 25, 2012

What a special night!

Oracle returned to Perry's Restaurant in Odenton Maryland on March 25th.  It was our first performance there for the year.  Perry's was one of the primary places where Oracle established a name for itself, so it was kind of like "old home" week.  We have been performing there for over a decade now.  Although we don't all fit on the stage anymore, our returns to Perry's are filled with lots of fun and always a few surprises.  It was so much fun to see so many familiar faces that have been coming to see us perform there for the past decade.

One of those faces in particular was even MORE special.  Jean Guercio has been coming to our performances at Perry's almost since our first one.  On this occasion we were celebrating her eightieth birthday, and she was out on that dance floor just having a great time!

Another group of familiar faces also stood out to our trumpet player / sound man Steve.  A table of his classmates from Northwestern HS came out to dance and party with us.  Back in 2008 Perry's served as the official site of the Class of 1973's 35th reunion.

And then there were our Oracle Family regulars.  You guys that come to almost every show and keep us energized on stage. 

With Steve set up out in the room as a sound man should, he was having a ball interacting with everyone there.  He doesn't get to wander that much normally as it's kind of hard for him to leave the stage.  This particular weekend probably set a record for the number of photos taken OF him.  He's usually the one TAKING the photos!

We've edited the best of the photos taken Friday night and you can see all of them right here by clicking the <PLAY> button.  We also have them posted to our FaceBook Page where you can add you comments and tag yourselves and your friends. 

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