Sunday, June 12, 2011

Great time with the folks at LA Singles Friday Night

When you perform in a band there is nothing more gratifying than to see a packed dance floor out in front of you throughout the evening.  It tells you that you really are connecting with the people there.

Such was the case on Friday night as Oracle Band performed for the folks at LA Singles at Boswell Hall in Bowie Maryland.  From the first song to the last the dance floor was swinging and swaying to every song we threw at them, from classic Motown to some of the most current tunes on the radio today.

We received all sorts of compliments from the folks there Friday.  One gentleman said we were the only band he comes out to hear anymore.  One of the ladies who is a regular at these dances told us that she loves it when Oracle is playing as the atmosphere is always so electric, what with the lights that transform the hall into a swirling ethreal world, coupled with the energy put into every song by Veronica and Nikki.  OK, yes, we know there are also four other guys in the band, but let's face it, the passion and energy put forth by our two front ladies keeps the room alive even when they AREN'T singing lead!

One of the staff people at Boswell Hall asked Steve as he was setting up why it took so much longer for Oracle to set up as compared to the other bands.  Once everything had been set up and the room transformed with the walls and ceiling swirling in light, and with even their Christmas lights that are intertwined through the foliage onstage tied into the Oracle light system, he understood completely!  He commented that he thought it looked like a Las Vegas show stage!

We'd like to extend a big THANKS to our good friend Barbara who took so many of the pictures from the evening's performance.  We basically handed her the camera & said "fire away"!  She did, and we got lots of photos to document the evening, (including several of our trumpet player Steve, who isn't usually in many photos since he's usually TAKING them.)

Oracle will be returning to LA Singles on Friday, August 19th.

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